Gallery Go Offline Photo Editing App Officially Launched By Google

Today July 25, Google officially launched its own offline photo editing app called as Gallery Go. The latest picture editing provides many features, which were previously only available with online Apps, while maintaining a small size.

Gallery Go was released at Google for Nigeria, which focuses on offline use. The Application is made for the Android Go system, which is an ultra-lightweight operating platform for devices which sell for less than $100 in emerging markets.

Google Go

The Gallery Go comes in just 10MB in size; still, the latest App provides many attributes of Google Photos, such as automatic picture finishing, editing programs, as well as automatic photograph improvements. The program is much more for first-time smartphone users that do not have access to the high-speed net or might not have the ability to use a desktop backup alternative. Another significant advantage is that Gallery Go additionally supports micro SD cards, that is more prevalent in low-end devices.

This App can be obtained for all devices operating Android 8.1 or greater, and will be pre-installed as the default picture program on the  Nigerian Itel S15 and A55 smartphones starting next month.

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