MSI EVOKE 5700XT “Golden Armor” Exposure

According to Twitter news@momomo_us news, MSI EVOKE 5700XT”Golden Armor” has been opened for pre-sale. The latest device features a dual-fan cooling, and the design is quite AMD free version of the taste.

The MSI EVOKE 5700XT has a metal casing with a matte finish and a CNC diamond trim.


In terms of heat dissipation, the MSI EVOKE uses the MSI TORX 3.0 dual fan design with four 6mm heat pipes and large heat sink fins. It also comes with ZERO FROZR smart stop function. It can adjust the fan opening and closing according to the display card load.

In terms of frequency, the MSI 5700XT base frequency is reduced to 1424MHz compared to the public version of 1605MHz. Now it saves more power in standby mode. While the Boost frequency is increased to 2049MHz compared to the public version 1905MHz.

Right now, the MSI EVOKE 5700XT non-public version of ASUS, MSI, Gigabyte and other manufacturers have been exposed. The Chinese version is expected to be launched soon.

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