“NBA 2K20” Version 2019 Announced, Starting From $43

According to Sony PlayStation China official news, the famous basketball game “NBA 2K20” National Bank PS4 version of the price announced, with a price of $42.

NBA 2K20 is the latest sequel to the basketball game “NBA 2K” series, using a new action engine in the new work. Officials said that after picking up “NBA 2K20”, you will immediately feel the footsteps, modeling and action style of the characters. The game has seen some significant improvements.

NBA 2K20

It is evident that “NBA 2K20” is also more abundant in details than before. The famous star in the new game has a signature dribble style, and the character will be smoother and more realistic when the ball is dribble. In terms of gameplay, the new game also upgrades the badge system. There are more than 80 badges in NBA 2K20. Each badge has unique and practical features that show a variety of styles.

At this time, the NBA 2K20 game includes 12 teams and 140 players from the WNBA (American Women’s Basketball Association). Game director Mike Wang said that the WNBA player’s motion capture is very detailed. And adds a total of at least 3,000 to 5,000 moves.

“NBA 2K20” contains Chinese voice commentary, the National Bank version has set up a Chinese server. In terms of price, the digital standard version price is $43, the digital luxury version price is $57, and the digital legendary version price is $70. The standard physical version comes with a price tag of $43.

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