Sony Displays Four New Color Combinations PlayStaion DUALSHOCK4 Controllers

According to Sony PlayStation official news, Sony DUALSHOCK4 wireless controller newly launched four color matching PlayStaion DUALSHOCK4 Controllers. This includes, electro-optic purple, camouflage red, titanium gold and rose gold, the price is $59.

PlayStaion DUALSHOCK4 Controllers

It is understood that the PlayStaion DUALSHOCK4 Controllers measures 162 x 52 x 98mm, weighs about 210g, and has a battery capacity of 1000 mAh. According to the official, the DUALSHOCK4 wireless controller’s product line now has more than 25 different color schemes. Providing Sony PlayStation users with a variety of personalized options.

PlayStaion DUALSHOCK4 Controllers

The light from this handle strip can be emitted from the touchpad to produce a light of the same color as the strip. When the player operates the game, he can directly visually recognize the physical value of the character and other states. It also support Bluetooth connection and USB wired connection.

PlayStaion DUALSHOCK4 Controllers

The electro-optic purple color scheme adopts two colors of purple design. The right button pattern uses white, which is more prominent. The camouflage red main color adopts red, supplemented by black and brown to form a camouflage pattern. The titanium gold blue adopts the metallic texture color. And the rear color is slightly Deep; rose gold also uses two colors to match the design.

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