Sony PS5 New News: Will Be Equipped with Artificial Intelligence Game Assistant

Sony PS5

In addition to several new mobile phones that will unveil recently or early next year. The most frequently use hardware devices in the digital world recently will be indispensable for Sony ’s new-generation game console PlayStation 5 which will be unveiled at the end of next year. Although it is still a full year before the release, many details about the device are becoming clearer. 

Now there is the latest news, PS5 will also comes equip with an AI game assistant integrated in the game.

According to the latest information from foreign media, the new generation of Sony PS5 will be equip with an AI game assistant integrated in the game. It can give specific answers to specific game questions, and players can directly obtain game content from artificial intelligence Information. The assistant will also be able to explain the location of the game goal or an item, and can help players extract relevant information from the network. 

Sony PS5

This is very necessary for today’s increasingly large and extremely complex mega games. Which will greatly improve the player’s gaming experience. In addition, the game assistant will also have a mobile app that can provide game statistics and some information about events in the game.

The new Sony PS5 console will be available in basic and Pro versions. With a very eye-catching “deep V” appearance. Equip with AMD’s specially customized SoC chip for Sony PS5. Its highest frequency Will reach 3.2GHz, the performance will be 4 times the original PS4. It will also be equip with 24GB Gddr6 + 4GB ddr4 memory. Built-in 2TB SSD high-speed solid-state hard disk, support ray tracing, 3D sound effects, etc. The standby power consumption will also reduce from 8.5W to 0.5W on PS4. In addition, the device will also be equip with a newly design handle.

According to the reports, Sony PS5 will officially launch on November 20, 2020. With an estimated price of about $ 499, or about RMB 3350. We will wait and see more details.

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