Sony: The PS5 Released in 2020 Will Be “the Fastest Host in the World”

Sony announced a recruitment notice. Company mentioned in the article “PS5 will be the fastest game console in the world will come in 2020.”


Sony will hire engineers to “build a next-generation cloud infrastructure,”. The recruiting engineer “will be one of the leaders of an elite team that will launch the world’s fastest host (PS5) by 2020.”

Not long ago, there were reports that the Sony PlayStation 5 SoC was code-named Gonzalo, Oberon and Prospero. The processor’s frequency will reach 3.2 GHz, 8-core 16-thread design, which means that the PlayStation 5’s CPU will bring huge improvements. Benchmark results show that the Gonzalo APU will be four times more powerful than the PlayStation 4 processor. And offer better graphics performance than NVIDIA’s GTX 1080 GPU.

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