TNT mode of Nut Pro 3 Released On October This Year

How to make the game have both mobile attributes and end-game operation experience? Both manufacturers and terminal manufacturers are trying to solve this problem. Among them, the TNT mode of Nut Pro 3, released at the end of October this year, is a possible solution.

Putting Nut Pro 3 into TNT mode is very simple. All you need is a USB Type-C to DP or HDMI cable, then connect the Bluetooth keyboard and mouse to your phone. After connecting, the display will enter the TNT operation interface. When you do all these steps, you can see that the main and settings interfaces of the game have continued the style of the mobile version. The icons and the screen have no feeling of being raised.

In operation, the default “W”, “A”, “S”, “D” keys are in position. Then “C” key means crouching down, “F”- interaction, “M”- map and other shortcut keys are also available.

As for aiming and firing, you need to adjust the operation mode to “left-hand movement, right-hand follow firing” in the setting interface. Otherwise, you cannot fire while aiming.

During the game, we adjusted the image quality of the game to the highest level. Moreover, with a large display, you can get a wider field of view. It is very beneficial for this type of game.

Then it is tested for a racing mobile game “Asphalt 9”. The game has an excellent adaptation both to the TNT keyboard and mouse mode. Even the teaching part has an introduction to keyboard and mouse operation. It can be said, that it is deeply optimized.

The advantages and disadvantages of playing this kind of games with TNT

Firstly, you can play on a larger screen. The keyboard operation is also very friendly for racing games. It is more convenient than on a smartphone.

But we face disadvantages as well. There are not many games that adapt and optimize the Nut TNT mode at present. But currently, you can definitely get a better experience than on the smartphone. Another disadvantage of the TNT mode of Nut Pro 3 is that you can plug the connection cable into the phone, and you cannot charge the phone at the same time, which means that you need to consider battery life.


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