True League of Legends Universe: Fist Further Opens IP for New Game Development

League of Legends

This year is the “Heroes Union” tenth anniversary. So, for a fan of this game, we can not only give the first launch of a series of tours but also it is possible to play other League of legends in different styles.  Fist said today that this IP will be fully opened to encourage other game manufacturers and studios to produce related games.

It is worth to say there are no published existing partners but indicated there have been multiple games are being developed. This game has gone through 10 years of history. In the global accumulation, it has a large number of fans. Although the game is very good at making against the class of the MOBA type games, they don’t want to let the League of legends just limited to this. Taking into account its own production in other types of games and less experience, they decided to open this IP. Besides, they wanted to let other game makers and studios be related the game creation.

League of Legends

They did not limit the type of game, just hope the final game would achieve diversification as much as possible. That is, developers can according to their ideas and areas of expertise, make the use of this IP as such the game wants.

Also, the partners can be solely responsible for the game design creation, determine their game style and play, as long as they respect this IP of the game. So without a doubt, in the future, there will appear many different styles of “heroes Union” game series.

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