Xiaomi Kids Scooter Announced At 249 Yuan ($36)

Many people like Xiaomi because it offers products for any case of life, literally. This also means, in the wide range of products it is offering, we can even many models made for kids. This time, we are going to talk about the Xiaomi Kids Scooter, which uses a five-fold safety design, three adjustable speed modes, a center of gravity steering, and comes at 249 yuan ($36).

Xiaomi Kids Scooter

The Xiaomi Kids Scooter adopts a widened track design. The distance between the two wheels is up to 24cm, and the sliding is more stable, reducing the risk of falling. The large-diameter PU front wheel is easy to control as it’s made of a wear-resistant PU material. The wheel width is 5cm. The strong grip is ideal for a variety of roads. It comes with a silent PU wheel design – no damage to the floor, no more noise.

It is made of thick aluminum alloy pipe frame and can bear up to 50kg. This scooter is strong and resistant to play. When you are sliding, just turn your arms around and change your center of gravity to turn.

The pedal width is up to 14cm. The footrest is comfortable. The rear brake design scientifically increases the thickness and width of the brake.

The Xiaomi Kids Scooter is equipped with a pneumatic magnet wheel and does not require a battery. It slides with its own white light and plays at night without hurting the eyes.

Our protagonist also adopts the height adjustment. It can be adjusted in the third gear of 75/82/89cm to adapt to different heights and children, reducing idle and increasing usage rate.

For easy access, it also has a rotary lift lock that can be quickly folded up to insert into the trunk.


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