Xiaomi Jupiter Dawn

Xiaomi Launched ‘Jupiter Dawn’ Smart Building Blocks

Under the current sci-fi boom, Xiaomi Technology has launched an original sci-fi theme product – ‘Jupiter Dawn’ smart building block series. It allows to set up a new sci-fi story with Jupiter in the future world as the background and develop and launch sci-fi-themed smart building block products. Also, you can feel the charm of sci-fi interstellar through rich interactive experience. And you can create a new concept of smart and cool fun in the Internet era.

The newly launched ‘Jupiter Dawn’ smart building blocks series includes five models. They named the Orion Hexapod Titan, the Shepherd Carrier, the Scorpio Defense Tower, the Aquila Reconnaissance Aircraft and the Flying Fish Shuttle. The company said that each mecha has different attributes under different machine settings. The combination of sci-fi concept and mecha design meets the technological aesthetics while complementing the product concept.

Xiaomi Jupiter Dawn

The most expensive hexapod Titan Orion is a fighter armour that moves on the surface of the planet. As a smart building block with a multi-joint bionic structure, it has a high-performance radio. It also has a wireless true-color light module. The motor can precisely control the hexapod walking and his head. The light module is independently powered by a lithium battery. So it makes the mecha construction more flexible and changeable.

This hexapod Titan product has a new decentralized control architecture. The smart module uses Bluetooth Mesh technology to form a highly free wireless control system. You no longer need the main controller. So it is an upgraded version of the building block robot operating system. At the same time, through the exclusive app, players can experience the new AR (augmented reality) technology, giving life to the mecha.

In terms of selling price, the Jupiter Dawn Smart Building Blocks have a crowdfunding price of 469 yuan ($70) for the six-legged Titan Orion. A crowdfunding price for the Shepherd carrier is about 369 yuan ($55), for the Scorpio defense a crowdfunding price is 269 yuan ($41). And for the Aquila Reconnaissance Aircraft a crowdfunding price is 169 yuan ($26). In addition, the crowdfunding price of the shuttle is 79 yuan ($12). So you can participate in crowdfunding through the Xiaomi Mall app.

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