Xiaomi gaming monitor

Xiaomi New Gaming Monitor Leaked: 30-Inch, AUO Fish-Screen Display

Xiaomi has launched a few gaming monitors before. And now, there are some rumors concerning a new model that will come our way from Xiaomi in the nearest future. Say, the source says Xiaomi will use AUO fish-screen display for the first time.

It is reported that the new 30-inch Xiaomi gaming monitor will be provided by AUO. In addition, it is convenient mostly for the e-sports market.

Xiaomi gaming monitor

This market is growing rapidly. According to the expectations, the monthly average global shipments will reach 40,000 to 50,000 units. And thus, the market will be the fastest by the end of the first quarter of 2021.

Currently, on the official website, Xiaomi 34-inch fish-screen gaming monitor is not available for purchase. But still, you can buy it from third-party channels.

In addition to the above 34-inch curved fish display, Xiaomi also launched 27-inch, 24.5-inch LCD monitors, 23.8-inch and Redmi 1A 23.8-inch monitors, and other products.

For new 30-inch gaming products, what we can expect is a refresh rate of 144Hz or higher and a 2K+ resolution. And also this new gaming monitor may support AMD Freesync or NVIDIA G-sync.

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