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Google Messages Is Updated To Support New Features On Android Devices

Google announced that it will enable Android devices to support the RCS (Rich Communication Services) protocol. The Messages application will carry out this process. RCS itself does not belong to Google. This is just a move by Google as a response to Apple’s iMessage.

Google Messages will support reading receipts. It will enable the user to send or receive full-size images. The app comes with many other features. However, unlike iMessage, Google Messages will not support end-to-end encryption. This technology encrypts the message at all points between the sender and receiver. This makes it impossible to eavesdrop on the information.

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What features Google Messages offer

When a user sends a text message on an Android device, an older SMS standard is used. That standard is based on mobile communication technology. After supporting RCS, it can no longer rely on the mobile communication network. Even with a WiFi connection, users can still send and receive text messages. As you may know, iMessage works in the same way.

Google said that users will also get better group chat features. These will include “naming group chats, adding and removing people from the group, and seeing if others have read the latest news.” These features are also similar to standalone applications such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. However, they are integrated into the phone’s text messaging application.

Apple does not yet support RCS. Yet, iMessage offers more features, including the end-to-end encryption. iMessage is one of the main reasons for users to continue using the iPhone instead of switching to Android devices.

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However, RCS is not compatible with iMessage. For example, messages sent by the RCS application will only appear as normal text messages on iMessage. Users can use these new features only when sending messages between RCS applications.

Google said that this feature will come across the United States. The users will see prompts to enable it in the coming weeks. However, users need to use the Google Messages app. The user can download it from the Google Play Store. New features have been launched only in the UK, France, and Mexico.  Anyways, Google says it will roll out across the globe in the future.

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