Google Will Not Sell Pixel 4 in India Due to the Space Control Function.

Google’s latest Pixel 4 series mobile phone has added space control function. However, according to NDTV report, due to the spectrum licensing problem of motion sensing radar technology used by this function. Google recently released Pixel 4 Unable to list in India (one of the world’s largest mobile phone markets).

According to the report, the problem is that Motion Sense (formerly known as Project Soli) works in the 60 GHz band of the spectrum. So Google cannot get permission from the Indian government to use it in India. However, considering that Google plans to launch a model without Motion Sense in Japan. It is a bit strange to not sell the machine in India.

A Google spokesperson said in a statement to NDTV: “We have decided not to sell Pixel4 in India. Google offers a wide range of products in different regions of the world. We will determine whether it depends on various factors, including local trends and product features. Listing.”

Considering that India’s smartphone market is dominated by low-cost devices such as Samsung, Xiaomi and vivo. Higher-priced flagship devices (such as Apple’s iPhone or Google’s Pixel) are often difficult to influence.

However, this is not the end of Pixel equipment in India. A Google spokesperson added that the company is still “expecting to push future Pixel devices to India.”

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