Haylou Solar Sports Watch Went On Sale On Xiaomi Youpin

At Xiaomi Youpin, you can now buy the newly announced smart sports watch – Haylou Solar. It supports health monitoring, sleep guarding and instant messaging. But what makes it stand out is the crowdfunding price of 149 yuan ($21). Where else can you buy a full-featured smartwatch at such a low price tag? Nowhere! Also, no top brand may offer you something like this.

Anyways, we know that the Haylou Solar uses a body-integrated circular mirror, with a metal middle frame and high-gloss electroplated body. Its 1.28-inch screen uses TFT material. The display provides rich and delicate colors regardless whether it is in strong light or in the dark.

Haylou Solar

Also, the Haylou Solar uses a silicone strap. The surface layer adopts nano light wave treatment, which makes the surface of the strap smoother. At the same time, it reduces the characteristics of the silica material making it easy to absorb dust.

Apart from this, our protagonist adopts a simple and stylish design. All operations of the watch are completed by the touch screen and the buttons next to it. The user can return to the previous page by pressing the button next to it. Of course, it supports the replacement of a variety of dials.

This watch also re-customized the exclusive app, adding more gadgets and supporting breath training, find phone feature, music control, and weather forecast. As the official introduction stated, on a single charge, it can be used for 30 days in standby mode. When the 24-hour heart rate is turned on, the standby time is up to 15 days.

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