Flagship Mijia Electric Shaver S700 Released

On January 12, Mijia launched a highly innovative flagship product – Mijia Electric Shaver S700, the first razor with zirconia ceramic head. The retail price is 499 yuan ($78).

The Mijia electric shaver S700 ceramic cutter head can be placed in strong acid and alkali for 360 minutes and the chemical structure has no obvious change. In actual use, the cutter head will not be exposed to water, shaving foam or detergent.

Mijia Electric Shaver S700

The company said that the Mijia electric shaver S700 still has no obvious wear after 240 hours of normal operation. If the user uses it for 2 minutes a day, it may last for at least 19 years. Generally speaking, the ease with which sebum, dander, and hair residue remain on the surface of the knife is the key to antibacterial properties and hygiene.

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Mijia Electric Shaver S700 Key Features

The stainless razor rubs for a long time during use. It is prone to magnetism and will actively absorb dust and debris. So, it will cause certain difficulties in cleaning. It is easy to produce a chemical reaction so that the organic structure dependent difficult, and thus, it’s easy to breed bacteria. So antibacterial ceramics is better. In addition, the S700 ceramic cutter head adopts a special mold and structural design. It has high toughness, high bending strength, high impact strength and high wear resistance far exceeding that of ordinary ceramics. It is not easy to break during daily use.

Mijia electric razor S700

At the same time, the Mijia electric shaver S700 is Mijia’s first razor equipped with a high-end direct-drive brushless motor. At present, most of the products using the same type of motor come our way from international brands costing more than $155. They are relatively rare among Chinese brands. The application of the direct drive brushless low-noise motor greatly improves the service life of the product. It is perfect when matched with the ultra-long-life ceramic cutter head. Another advantage of it is that it can instantly complete the explosive start of the super running push back feeling. So, the use process does not need to be repeated many times. Compared with other motors, direct drive brushless motors have inherently low noise characteristics.

Mijia Electric Shaver S700

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