Mijia Braun Electric Shaver

Mijia Braun Electric Shaver Starts Crowdfunding

On September 30, the Mijia Braun electric shaver was crowdfunded in Xiaomi Mall. The crowdfunding price is 199 yuan ($29.30), and the future retail price will be 249 yuan ($36.66).

Braun has always been committed to the perfect combination of German precision and simple design. This time, together with Mijia, they have jointly created “the first razor for young people”.

Mijia Braun Electric Shaver

Braun insists that the knife net is only from Germany. The knife net is inspired by the wings of a dragonfly. It contains 899 different sizes of meshes. They have a careful design with reference to the pressure distribution during shaving, bringing a skin-friendly and comfortable shave.

The cutting elements of the knife screen are selected from high-quality German steel. The Braun special process is for polish precise and sharp angles. So the cutting is smooth and not procrastinated.

Braun’s research goes far beyond the knife net. Its head consists of a long beard trimmer and a short beard trimmer. It floats independently, perfectly fitting the contours of the face, and easily taking care of difficult-to-shave parts such as the jaw.

The trimmer is also has a skin-friendly comb. First, it combs the beards with different growth directions and then shaves them. You can shave neatly and at the same time caring for your face. Even if you have a long beard that has not been shaved for many days, don’t worry about it.

Mijia Braun Electric Shaver

Japanese technology motor speed is up to 7,200 times per minute. It has strong kinetic energy. It is easy to output large torque, overcome the resistance of rough beard. So bid farewell to residue and pulling.

The powerful battery life is also a highlight of the Mijia Braun razor. It can complete a quick charge for shaving in just 5 minutes. Moreover, you can fully charge it in 1 hour. It has a long-lasting battery life of 40 minutes.

The Mijia Braun electric shaver is waterproof. In addition, you can directly rinse the whole machine under running water. There is no hidden danger of short circuit. It supports wet use with shaving foam.

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