Mijia Ear thermometer

Mijia Ear Thermometer Went On Crowdfunding At 169 Yuan ($25)

Today, the Mijia Ear Thermometer was launched on Xiaomi Mall for crowdfunding. The crowdfunding will officially begin on October 14. The original price is 199 yuan ($29.5) but the crowdfunding price is 169 yuan ($25).

Mijia Ear thermometer

It comes with a few selling points such as rapid temperature measurement, 0.1℃ high-precision sensor, large LED digital display, and dust-free storage box. The eardrum and the temperature regulation center hypothalamus are the blood supply of the carotid artery. So it can quickly reflect the temperature change of the inner core and accurately capture the fever signal without long waiting. It is especially suitable for temperature measurement in families with babies.

The Mijia ear thermometer has a built-in high-sensitivity imported temperature sensor. It reads the body temperature by accurately capturing the infrared radiation energy emitted by the eardrum, showing a temperature change of 0.1°C. The Mijia Ear Thermometer is white and translucent, round and compact.

It has high brightness and large font display temperature. The probe is designed to bend and support the inner wall of the ear canal. With a slightly swingable probe, it can adapt to the physiological bending of the ear canal more dexterously. It ensures that the center of the probe is kept at the center of the eardrum for temperature measurement. The temperature capture is realized more accurately.

Before being inserted into the ear canal, the probe will be preheated to make it closer to the body temperature. So it is comfortable to enter the ear and will not cool the ear canal. Moreover, even measuring a sleeping baby will not cause interference.

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