Mijia Sports ECG T-shirt

Mijia Sports ECG T-shirt Went On Crowdfunding At 249 Yuan ($36)

Nowadays, people are paying more and more attention to their physical health. By wearing bracelets and watches to record their real-time heart rate, it has an obvious warning effect on heart problems such as heart tremor. And now, Xiaomi has launched a new species to measure heart rate – Mijia Sports ECG T-shirt. It will be launched on Xiaomi Mall on August 5 in a frame of crowdfunding project. The original price is 299 yuan ($43) and the crowdfunding price is 249 yuan ($36).

Mijia Sports ECG T-shirt

According to the official introduction, the Mijia Sports ECG T-shirt uses the innovative COTECH sensor fiber to non-inductively capture micro-current signals. It can monitor the ECG more accurately, which is claimed to be more accurate than optical measurement. This product comes with a smart ADI ECG chip. It’s an integrated signal conditioning module dedicated to ECG and bioelectric measurement applications.

Mijia Sports ECG T-shirt

After connecting to the Xiaomi Wearable App, it only takes 1 minute to display a real-time ECG. This helps you to conduct a comprehensive analysis of your physical state and make exercise and training more scientific.

Also, the Mijia Sports ECG T-shirt uses a classic sportswear style, seamless integrated weaving process. So it can be worn at will. This T-shirt is more comfortable and more breathable.

There is also a circle of lights in the middle of the heart rate measuring module (ECG bean), which can display different colors in different heart rate zones. When switching between different heart rate zones, it will automatically vibrate to remind you to avoid sports injuries.

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