Mijia Water Ion Hair Dryer H500 Launched At 249 Yuan ($38)

Today, Xiaomi released the Mijia Water Ion Hair Dryer H500. The original price is 249 yuan ($38).

Mijia Water Ion Hair Dryer H500 2

This hair dryer has selling points such as dual water ion hair care, high wind speed of 20m/s, and short metal body.

As a more hydrating hair dryer, the Mijia Water Ion Hair Dryer H500 uses dual water ion deep hair care, making hair softer, smoother, moisturized and shiny. Compared with Mijia’s first-generation water ion hair dryer, its moisture content is increased by 26.47% and glossiness is increased by 9.12%.

Mijia Water Ion Hair Dryer H500 2

Its built-in condensing sheet condenses the moisture in the air, and is instantly atomized into tiny negative water ions by two needle-shaped motors, which are transported directly to the hair and scalp roots through independent cold air channels, without high temperature loss, and the essence is to moisturize the hair. Combined with tens of millions of negative ions, it can enhance the closure of hair scales, reduce split ends.

The Mijia Water Ion Hair Dryer H500 comes with 20,000 rpm DC motor and 7-speed wing aviation turbine type blades, extruded through a tapered pressurized air duct. The wind speed up to 20m / s. The strong airflow reaches the roots of the hair and dries quickly without damaging the hair.

In terms of design, the hair dryer has an innovative structure and an ultra-short hair dryer. The body adopts aluminum alloy anodizing process, which makes the hair dryer more textured.

Mijia Water Ion Hair Dryer H500 2

Three gears, wind temperature, hot and cold wind can be switched at will. It has two wind speeds. Wind power can be adjusted freely. The temperature gear will be automatically memorized and saved, and will be automatically turned on the next time it is used.

The glass bead thermal sensor is used to accurately detect the air outlet temperature 60 times per second, and adjust the air temperature in real time to prevent hair and scalp from overheating and damage.

Innovative hot and cold circulating air mode is matched with a 360° freely rotating magnetic nozzle. It provides a directional output of a high-speed airflow. At the same time, the double-layer heat insulation design can reduce the temperature of the air nozzle and effectively heat insulation.

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