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Xiaomi India To Announce A Face Mask On October 13

Xiaomi India plans to expand its Mi Lifestyle product lineup. A teaser shared on Twitter by the official Xiaomi India account hints that the product is a face mask. Xiaomi said, ‘Breathe safe and live a healthy life. I will protect you now. It will be unveiled on October 13.’

In March of this year, Beijing Xiaomi Mobile Software Co., Ltd. newly authorized one new mask patent. It is reported that the patent application date is May 22, 2019. And the authorization date is March 17, 2020.

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We checked the patent abstract of the Xiaomi face mask and learned that because the three-dimensional shape of the support frame, it is compatible with the face shape. On the other hand, the plastic part can deform the preset position of the support frame when pressed by external force, when the user wears the mask. The shape of the support frame can be changed by pressing the shaping part. So the mask fits the face more closely. It effectively improves the air tightness of the mask.

Smart mask

It is worth mentioning that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) also granted Xiaomi a patent for a ‘smart mask’ that can track the breath quality of the wearer. The ‘smart mask’ features an embedded computing unit. It includes a processor to analyze all data from the mask sensor; a storage module to store the calculated data; a battery to power all instruments; a connector. In addition to achieving the purpose of air filtration, this mask can also store a large amount of user data.

Following the pandemic, we have seen a few manufacturers enter into the mask production business. Apple now designs and produces its own masks for its employees and LG announced a rechargeable mask back in August at IFA 2020. However, Xiaomi has been making face masks for more than four years now.

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