Joypal AI intelligent massage chair

Xiaomi Joypal AI intelligent massage chair advantages explained

Now the work rhythm is getting faster and faster. So after returning home, we just want to lie motionless in bed. A recently released Joypal AI intelligent massage chair provides precise relaxation for every muscle.By the way, this is a Xiaomi eco-chain company. Therefore, you shouldn’t worry about its quality and cost-effectiveness.

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The most important feature of this artificial intelligence massage chair is that it has an AI health management program. Its built-in sports repair management system can provide different massage programs according to different sports types. They also include seven sports modes such as ball, golf, swimming, walking, cycling, running, and fitness. Different sports use different muscle groups. Targeted relaxation of tight muscles in related parts can relieve fatigue more efficiently.

Joypal AI intelligent massage chair

It also comes with an intelligent linkage of artificial intelligence massage chair with Xiao Ai. By talking with Xiao Ai through voice, you can automatically manipulate and set the working mode of the massage chair. Its built-in 18 sets of automatic programs can provide and meet the needs of various life scenarios. At the same time, you can also freely choose the massage parts to meet the differentiated needs.

Joypal AI intelligent massage chair

The dual-dimensional detection and positioning technology adopted by the massage instrument can intelligently detect the user’s back curve and perform 360° full fit to cover the entire curve. So whether you are fat or thin, when you lie down, there will be a very comfortable sleeping position. After the massage chair matches the figure, it can precisely massage the acupuncture points.

The length of the inner guide rail of the Joypal AI intelligent massage chair reaches an amazing 128cm. The advantage of the extra long guide rail is that it can not only increase the massage area of ​​the massage chair but also fit the body curve of the waist, back, buttocks and other parts more perfectly. The built-in 3D induction system of the massage chair can automatically and accurately adjust the massage intensity. So the whole body can be fully stretched freely.

Joypal AI intelligent massage chair

Professional sports massage

People who like sports know that the common sense is that the pores are in a state of relaxation after exercise, and you cannot take a cold bath immediately to maintain a certain body heat. In the same way, the body temperature needs to be kept stable during massage. There are graphene heating sheets on both sides of the back of the massage chair, which can cover the skin on both sides of the spine. Under the stimulation of far-infrared radiation heat, it can accurately promote blood circulation in the waist and fundamentally relieve muscle fatigue and soreness.

Joypal AI intelligent massage chair

As the saying goes, standing is worse than sitting comfortably, and sitting is worse than lying comfortably. After a lot of exercise, you can sit on the massage chair with one butt and start the zero-gravity experience with one click. By adjusting the angle of the massage chair, raise the foot above the heart. The center of gravity of the person will be transferred from the spine and joints to the hip position, which is conducive to achieving a completely relaxed state.

Of course, for ordinary people, the price of the Joypal AI intelligent massage chair is relatively expensive, and it also occupies a considerable part of the volume. In terms of function, it lacks the function of massaging the foot bottom.


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