Xiaomi Launched VIOMI Massage Fascia Gun Cosy Care At 399 Yuan ($62)

Today, Xiaomi Youpin launched a VIOMI massage fascia gun Cosy Care, with a crowdfunding price of only 399 yuan ($62).

The weight of the fascia guns on the market is about 1kg, but the body of this VIOMI massage fascia gun Cosy Care only weighs 430g. In spite of this, it maintains a strong power of 200mN.m and a thrust of 12kg.

While being light and portable, it maintains a high-speed impact of 3200 rpm/min. The surging strength can shake up to 12 kg of mineral water. It can dive into deep muscles accurately, relax muscles quickly, and effectively relieve fatigue and soreness.

VIOMI massage fascia gun Cosy Care

VIOMI innovatively researched and developed patented Magic Touch technology, which comes with an intelligent stepless speed regulation system. The latter can intelligently sense the massage intensity, automatically adjust and increase the output intensity and speed, avoid excessive massage, and protect the muscles scientifically and effectively.

The VIOMI massage fascia gun Cosy Care has a one-piece aluminum alloy body. It has a patented noise reduction and anti-shake structure, and the sound pressure value is less than 35dB when running in the first gear.

VIOMI has also developed three SPA treatment massage heads, which are made of Q-elastic soft baby nipple-grade silicone and have a patented honeycomb cushioning structure inside. The latter can reduce vibration and impact to the human body and protect muscles from damage.

VIOMI and the rehabilitation medicine experts of Peking University Rehabilitation Medical Institute jointly formulated muscle health standards, created a 4-level scientific relaxation mode for the relaxation needs of different groups of people, and jointly created professional fascia rehabilitation and muscle care courses.

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