Xiaomi M6 Eco-Impley Electric Teeth Flushing Device With Discount

We are happy to announce that the Xiaomi M6 electric flushing device is available at only 30 Yuan ($5). You can get the machine here

It is a common thing when food residues have been clogged in the teeth and not come out. For a long time, you can face the breeding of bacteria, bad breath, and inflammation. This kind of thing is undesirable for us. So at that time, the help of the teething device is a necessity.

At present, a portable dental flusher M6 under Xiaomi’s eco-enterprise Imply is on sale. You can pay only 30 Yuan for the product till March 8. 

In comparison with the traditional teeth flushing machines, the M6 teeth flushing device is not only simple and fashionable but also has further advantages. It is smaller in size, lighter in weight, and more suitable for the palm. It is both convenient for daily use and perfect for traveling.

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The nozzle adopts a storage design, which can be rotated as you need. Besides, the detachable water tank makes cleaning easier and more comfortable. In terms of performance, the pulse frequency is 1600 times/minute, which speaks about high efficiency. Moreover, the device supports 40-140PSI water pressure, and 3 adjustable levels: soft mode, pulse mode, and strong mode. On top of all that, the noise is 60 decibels, and the waterproof level is IPX8. Speaking about battery life, it can spray at least 60 tanks of water on a single full charge. Hence, it will serve you for a long time.

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