Xiaomi Mijia 5Pcs Portable Nail Clipper Set Review


Everyone often uses nail clippers every day. Just as the tools used for nail trimming and ear picking behaviors are different. we often need to be stored separately, you need to find it separately when you use it. This is very inconvenient, and sometimes it is even more difficult to find when you use it. So I introduce a new tool – Xiaomi Mijia 5pcs portable nail clipper set


The outer packaging is very delicate, the height of the box is only 104 mm, and I completed the first unboxing photo with my Kino.

“High-quality stainless steel, long-lasting cutting edge.” The stainless steel material makes it an extremely good cutting edge and durability.

The Mijia logo looks familiar and kind. It inherits the gray, white and black three-color style of Mijia product packaging as always. This kind of packaging is simple and fashionable. I especially hope that Mijia products can always adhere to this packaging style and it is also a Mijia brand. Unique features.

I couldn’t help but open the package of the product. Before opening the package, I guessed that the product should be black or gray. What I did not expect is that my guess was wrong. , The storage box is white…

My first impression was that it was really beautiful. I thought: The packaging boxes are all so beautiful. Will the five tools be more outstanding? It is easy to carry because it is small, the five-piece set is stored in one storage box, this design makes it easier to find and use.

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Open the storage box, it is really outstanding. I personally think that it is not good if it is the same as other four-piece sets It might be better to attach the storage box magnetically.

The process of opening the box was very happy and brought me too many surprises. I personally like the dark gray color scheme and compact design of the five-piece set. The magnetic five-piece set in the storage box is very well-made, Cool design makes it become one of these products. The highlight, let’s talk about the feedback after the experience.


The whole set of tools is very distinctive in both size and color design. After experiencing it, it feels comfortable to hold. The tools are light and easy to operate without being too bulky.

The Mijia has given a nice name called beauty scissors. It opens and closes easily, and the cutting is sharp enough.

Earpick is not much different from the ear picks I usually use. The tail is slightly wider, this design makes it very stably to prevent accidental slipping.

There are two nail clippers, oblique nail clippers and flat nail clippers. The opening and closing angles are about 45 degrees, and the angle after kneading is about 25 degrees. If you perform more operations, you will not feel the fingers numb. The angled design is reasonable.

Nail files are mainly used with nail scissors. After cutting nails, you will always feel that there will be friction when you grasp everything. After using nail files, this feeling can be reduced and the effect is very obvious; in addition, Opened separately design makes the usage area increased. The use effect will be better.

The storage box is small in design, only slightly larger than a phone card/ID/bank card. The magnetic opening and closing method increase the opening and closing life of the storage box.


From the market, it’s time for the Mijia nail clippers five-piece set to be born. I believe this tool will be very popular. At least with it, I will no longer be afraid to find a nail clipper when I use it, no longer have to think about where the ear pick should be placed is more suitable…

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Honor Xiaomi Mijia 5Pcs Portable Nail Clipper Set is now available on Banggood 

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