Mijia Anti-Blu-ray Glasses

Xiaomi Mijia Anti-Blu-ray Glasses Launched For 199 yuan ($27.99)

Xiaomi Youpin is now presenting its new product the Mijia Anti-Blu-ray Glasses. The glasses come with ultra-light beta titanium temples and high-definition nylon lenses. The blue light blocking rate is more than 80%. In addition, it has an affordable price. It costs only 199 yuan ($27.99)

The Mijia Anti-Blue Light Titanium adopts a minimalist retro shape. It has a beta titanium metal temple structure. The lens + frame weighs about 15.5g. Moreover, it features high-definition nylon lenses. And the light transmittance is greater than 93%. The lens adopts a 16-layer coating. That is oil-proof on both sides.

The Mijia Anti-Blu-ray Glasses package comes with just 1 glass and 1 clean cloth. The glass is ultralight and has an ergonomic design, no extra burden to your ears and nose. It sports an ultralight frame, soft nose silicone nose pad, solid metal hinges, and comfortable temples which are all specially designed for ensuring perfect performance. Talking about the high-quality anti-blue ray and UV resistant PC lens. It relieves eyes from fatigue and also at the same time improving color resolution.

Do you have trouble sleeping? Do you suffer sore eyes and headaches from long screen-watching time? Exposure to harmful blue-ray from smartphones, tablets, computers, TVs, and modern room LED lighting ruins your sleep and causes permanent eye damage. The Xiaomi Ultralight Anti-blue-rays Protective Glass will supercharge your sleep and health by blocking harmful blue light indoor and UV rays outdoor. By adding blue light factor and anti-blue light coating, it will absorb and reflect the blue light of 415-445nm. It is easy to cause eye discomfort, and the blue light blocking rate is more than 80 %, while retaining the 455-500nm blue light which is helpful for adjusting the biological rhythm .

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