Xiaomi Visual Blackhead Absorber

Xiaomi Pinjing Blackhead Absorber Offered At 199 Yuan ($19,5) Via Crowdfunding

On November 8, Xiaomi Youpin Crowdfunding launched a Pinjing Visual Blackhead absorbing device. The original price is 199 yuan ($30). Now it is only 129 yuan ($19,5) for crowdfunding. The shipment will start before December 7, 2020.

Xiaomi Visual Blackhead Absorber

The Xiaomi Pinjing Blackhead absorber uses a 3MP camera and sports macro processing technology, which can zoom in 16 times. It adopts vacuum air pressure technology, supports 68kPa suction for deep cleaning, and has a strong absorption capacity, which can suck deep blackheads in 3 seconds.

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The Xiaomi Pinjing Blackhead absorber has a replaceable tip design, oval and small round holes that have a pure silicone material. Thus, this makes the device more flexible and not deformed. Matching custom-made blackhead patch firstly soothes the pores and then deeply cleans, which is known as a closed-loop of complete cleansing and care for the skin.

Visual Blackhead Absorber

The battery uses a Type-C charging interface. It also comes with a USB charging cable and a battery of 800mAh capacity. It ensures fast charging in 3 hours, and a battery life of 70 minutes.

There are three steps to use:

1. After cleansing, apply heat for 3 minutes to open the pores or use blackheads to remove the nasal patch to relax the pores,

2. Test on the back of the hand and then use it on the face. Observe the cleaning status through the app. It is recommended that the blackhead meter be used for no more than 2 minutes,

3. After use, clean the nose with warm water and apply a cold towel to the nose for 2-3 minutes to fully shrink the pores.

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