dawei High-Speed Hairdryer

Xiaomi Youpin Launches High-Speed Hairdryer: 3 Minutes Quick Drying

On December 15, Xiaomi Youpin launched the Dawei high-speed hairdryer. This hairdryer has a 110,000-rpm high-speed motor and NTC intelligent constant temperature hair care algorithm. It can dry quickly at low temperatures and smooth and protect frizz. The crowdfunding price of the Xiaomi hairdryer is only 449 yuan ($67).

Dawei hairdyer

With the development of technology, hairdryers that simply dry hair can no longer meet people’s diverse needs. Factors such as comfort and hair care effects have also become important indicators for consumers to buy hair dryers.

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This hair dryer includes the second-generation ROTOR EVO II high-speed brushless motor, with a maximum speed of 110,000 revolutions per minute and a wind speed of 60m/s. To clarify, it is three times that of ordinary hair dryers. This means that the hairdryer can dry wet hair at a lower temperature and at a faster speed. And the higher the wind speed, the better the shaping effect of the hairdryer. By increasing the wind speed, the heavy wet hair can be easily blown away, and the airflow can reach the roots of the hair, and the hair can be dried quickly from the inside to the outside, reducing the damage of high temperature to the hair.

dawei High-Speed Hairdryer

Automatic alternating hot and cold wind mode

For precise temperature control, this hair dryer uses a glass bead temperature sensor. The temperature sensor can measure the temperature at a frequency of 100 times per second. Once the temperature is too high, the wind temperature will be adjusted to stabilize at about 57°C in real-time without damaging the hair. In order to prevent the scalp from overheating, there is also an automatic alternating hot and cold wind mode. And it can better protect the scalp when blowing the hair roots.

In addition, the brushless motor it uses, can also reduce noise and will not disturb others. It also includes features such as negative ions for smoothing frizz, preventing hair vents, and polygonal design.

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