8H Xiaojin Fashion Latex Spring Mattress

8H Xiaojin Fashion Latex Spring Mattress Debuts

Xiaomi Ecological Chain Enterprise FunSleep Technology released 8H Xiaojin Fashion Latex Spring Mattress, which debuted on Tmall yesterday. From now on March 4, it starts at half price for 799 yuan ($114) and sells 150 pieces per month.

8H Xiaojin Fashion Latex Spring Mattress

The 8H Xiaojin Fashion Latex Spring Mattress uses 8-layer design, from top to bottom: environmentally friendly bamboo charcoal fabric, relaxation layer, latex layer, silent layer, double cone multi-chain spring layer, silent layer, relaxation layer, environmentally friendly bamboo charcoal fiber.

Among them, the latex layer uses Thailand’s direct-mined natural latex and has tens of thousands of fine honeycomb structure exhaust holes. They can dissipate the heat and moisture of the human body and promote natural ventilation.

With Italian Schcott foaming technology, it is heated and integrated from the inside to the outside, showing a softer, higher elasticity, toughness and durability.

8H Xiaojin Fashion Latex Spring Mattress

8H uses high-manganese stainless steel produced by the world’s top 500 Shagang Group as raw materials. It adopts national patented far-infrared thermal technology. Also, it forges at two high temperatures to make a double-cone multi-link Bonnie spring bed core that is tough and durable and supports high strength. Each spring is evenly wound around five rings, which can provide high strength and high fitting support.

In terms of antibacterial feature, the mattress outer fabric is added with Japanese antibacterial agent. The latter can effectively inhibit fungus and bacteria. And it can continue to be antibacterial after repeated washing.

There is also a graphene version. It is worth mentioning that the 8H nine-zone latex spring mattress graphene version also adds wool and graphene. They greatly increase the gloss of the fabric. Graphene has far-infrared heating function. It can promote blood circulation and interweave with wool to give fabrics better elasticity and higher moisture absorption than cotton.


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