A95X PLUS TV BOX Review: A new version For TV

Technology is something which can’t define as it’s only responsible for making the world go smart. Technology is solely responsible for upgrading our living standards.  Now a day’s technology has been improved to convince people. Earlier people use to watch TV with the cable connection or some personalized satellite date home service. Here company has got the new A95X PLUS TV BOX for the customers.


But now the generation has moved up with the technology. People nowadays are using Andriod TV. Android TV is accessed with the use of Andriod TV box, which works as a trigger to access the device. Android TV boxes have become a favorite item nowadays, and these boxes give a lot kind of stuff to people to enjoy out. People can surf the web, and can directly get connected with streaming video straight on to their TV.

These small boxes can turn a small, simple TV into a smart TV having a wide range of option. People use this product to stream movies or TV shows from their favorite streaming sites, such as Netflix, Amazon prime or directly through the web. Just it’s not a TV it’s more than that. Giving features like the internet in it and a view that is unable to describe including 3D view gives a feeling like we are sitting at cinema hall not at our home.


The product A95X PLUS TV BOX is an android tv box setup and a Chinese product. Before this android TV setup box, there were few other TV set up box launched for Android TV. This product has a good impact on the market as it is the advanced mode of technology for the new generation. So people were more interested in buying it and have an experience that how the product is.



The Product A95X PLUS TV BOX Has some good encrypted feature mentioned below

? CPU: Amlogic S905X Quad-core Cortex A53 2.0 GHz 64 bit

?    GPU : Penta-core mali-450 MP GPU

?    1 GB DDR3 RAM

?    8 GB Emmc Flash ROM

?    USB 2.0*2

?    Card reader : SD/ SDHC/MMC cards

?    Support the latest HEVC(H.265)

?    Support 4K*2K Super HD video


The product A95X PLUS TV BOX use is simple, the medium of entertainment is the primary concern here. This Andriod device is very portable to use. Most are no more than 5 inches wide and two inches tall, and few are even smaller. One can use it as a source of education as it supports internet in it and one can have many other apps like Kindly who is fond of the reading a book. And it makes feel like a theater as the picture, and the sound quality it is having is dam fabulous.



A95X PLUS TV BOX is made of small sizes and with chips material. As the category is not Standardized the hardware inside could be anything. Android –compatible is used, but almost product is relatively Dual-core ARM processors based off the Cortex A9 core, earlier people used the same. Few uses A5 cores also. But the GPU is very often the Mali 400, a standard GPU which easily accompany its cortex cores.

This device offers 1GB of RAM and between 4 and 8 GB of ROM storages which would not help you to store much HD video content on the TV box itself.

The hardware of this device is not that advanced. It can support or run android 4.2

How to use A95X PLUS TV BOX

The use of the product A95X PLUS TV BOX is very user-friendly. Anyone can easily use it. The use is very simple. A box is connected to a TV and setup to the internet via wired Ethernet or wifi connection. When the box gets connected after that you can install internet app on your  TV.


A95X PLUS TV BOX comes with HDMI cable and WIFI which make its portable to access at every point. This android is primarily made to access the internet to enjoy online movies. And its user-friendly feature allows the user to use the product more easily without having any issues. Hence it’s used by all the gen. like a chile, mother, father, and old persons in the house.


?    Powerful Andriod TV box with 2GB of RAM and 16 GB of storage

?    The nice looking launcher that can be customized and very easy to use

?    A95X PLUS TV BOX  include all of the most recent favorite add-ons

?    Capable of playing 4K videos without any problem

?    The remote that comes with this device consists of the handy button, and it also includes a one key button

?    It works excellent with Rii and can be accessed with mouse and keyboard

So it’s an exciting deal to have as it contains a lot of features, being user-friendly anyone can use it. The most significant positive point of this product is it enhances the technology and help to upgrade the standard of living of people. You can easily imagine how this product can help to ease our lifestyle. Earlier people use to watch online videos or shows on phone or laptop, and the TV was almost kept aside with no use. So this device was made up with the mindset to come up with an old fashion where people can easily enjoy the Tv with their family sitting all together having a watch on a movie or series with all family members. These advanced features enable the company to increase the sale of the product A95X PLUS TV BOX.



As we know every digital and electronic device is made to more natural your busy life. But still like every coin has two faces, the same is with this. Every electronic device has some demerit

A95X PLUS TV BOX  also has some demerit

?    Include a Bluetooth remote, which will increase the price, and basically, it is not so needed

?    Include some remote friendly apps. Regular use of these apps is not mandatory.

?    The device consumes a lot of electricity which is not acceptable

?    The Android device sometime does not support few TV, and it does not work in that case

These are the few demerits which a tv box has and that what makes this a bit negative about this product



As we know, technology has gone to its height, and the same is with every field. We know very well the reason behind this is the human being, Human mind created this technology and machines, which were introduced for  helping them and reduced human effort

Earlier what uses to happen the technology says that the use of black and white technology is best. But as the time passed away, the technology got a bit enhanced, and then the use of color TV came into existence, so many of the people moved towards the color TV. As we all know that nothing is permanent in this world the same is the case with technology. As time is passing the human mind is also growing day by day. So they invented a smarter technology for the more intelligent generation.

Source of Entertainment:

Thus, the reason behind the invention of this product is straightforward, and entertainment was the primary purpose here. Entertainment with family and friend, you can enjoy this technology alone in a house, but when you come up with enjoying this technology with your friend and family, you would feel more happy and relaxed. This product was made with the purpose of having entertainment with family and friend. What you think it was just made as an electronic product providing entertainment, it `s not like that.

This product developed with a lot of research. In a busy schedule of daily life and work pressure . Human being need some time to rest and relax, every time it is not possible to go out for a movie or some theatre show with family, but you can do the same in your house with your family. So this technology was developed by them to have entertainment with your family and friend, and if you see, it is beneficial in the manner of money also. What you are investing is around $98 and what you get is a priceless enjoyment, that’s what it is.



The product A95X PLUS TV BOX is a nice firestick alternative, and rather I would say it is the best deal for fire stick.

I like the remote that comes with the A95X PLUS TV BOX and having its mouse function. Which provide quick navigation within apps which are not designed for television.

Another nice feature of this product is an Ethernet adapter which would work as reliability and for consistent network and internet speed. Also, the ability to expand the storage on the A95X PLUS TV BOX which is available with Micro SD and USB slot Is a considerable bonus. By doing this, we can download media directly to the device.

If you use a VPN, you may want to choose a different option such as the amazon fire stick which is equipped. So if you said to give an overall verdict to this device, I would say it is a good product you should go for it, give a try on this product. It would come up with a positive aspect, impressing you. So don’t hesitate to buy the product and feel free to get yourself into the new and smart technology of the new more intelligent generation and grow yourself with an educating and entertainment device.


As one of this writing, you will find the best deal for A95X PLUS on some online purchase store. As I mentioned above in the article that the price would range between $80-$ 90.So grab this product from online or offline would be the same.

You may also find this product on the Amazon website, which is a trusted online website. It appears that there are other manufacturers now selling this box and you may see some different packaging of this bran due to some other online seller

But if you would like to take my suggestion, I would suggest you to go for the offline purchase, why I am saying this because when you would go for offline shopping, you would interact with the seller, you would get a proper idea to use it. Purchasing from offline would also help you to grab some offer and voucher because nowadays the trend is of this only


It was evident that when you purchase something, it would have some defect or problem, not now but later on. So to tackle up with this and to provide service to our customers, we need assistance. The function of our company is quite well. We have customer care for taking their complaints and solving it out within 24 hrs. Call us anytime from anywhere on the number is given on the site and we would love to serve us with our best services and to hell you problems in no time. As you are our customer and the company is very much considered regarding our customers. We love to serve you. The customers are giving positive feedback for the company from this we can get know that how good are the services of the company and one can trust the company and feel relaxed.


The next is of warranty we provide six months warranty on our product and free replacement of the product in that period. So go on buying the product A95X PLUS TV BOX and make your entertainment more enjoying.


As it is an android helping device and an entertainment device, we don’t provide many accessories with this, what we offer are

. A small bag with cables

.A manual

.A voucher card&

.A warranty card

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