ALFAWISE N816 Smart Home Security Camera Review

ALFAWISE comes with latest security camera which keeps safe your house from all angles. This new security device is ALFAWISE N816 Smart Home Security Camera. The camera designed new spherical in shape. The camera comes with HD resolution and with more new features. This camera is embedded with lots of amazing features some of which includes infrared night vision / 355 degree vision / upside down install / AI motion detection. ALFAWISE camera is also best to shoot video from all angles.  

Feature & Specification of ALFAWISE N816 Smart Home Security Camera:

ALFAWISE N816 smart camera built with F2.0 aperture which allows more light intake while the 6-bulb 940nm infrared illuminator increase visibility. Viewing in the dark has now become easier. This security camera supports two way-audio, built in microphone and speaker with you can talk to your family or pet when you are away. In includes intelligent tracking system with you can turn up / down left / right with the target and set target is always in the center of the picture. N816 is compatible with Android system. For generating there is a power adapter which provides power for working. Also built with two-way audio system with you can listen audio of the visitor in real time when you are not there with this N816 smart home camera.


N816 camera design is your third eye at home which captures everything. The exterior material of the camera is made from plastic that provides beautiful look to the device. This camera design is a waterproof IP66. Operate temperature is -10 – 50 degree C. The design of the camera is very attractive and gives beautiful look to the house. This is very light in weight device. Camera is built with round look and on the upper side camera adjusts with rotating angle which helps to rotate of the camera during work. Also you can fix this camera design in your home walls or can fix on the walls.

ALFAWISE N816 Smart Home Security Camera Network-

Camera has DHCP, HTTP, P2P, RTSP and UDP protocol. Also it equipped with wireless IEEE 802.11 b/g/n and has RJ-45 network port. The network of the camera built with Wi-Fi system so you can easily connect your smart phone with the camera through Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi provides 10-15 meter distance to you for working. You can every Wi-Fi device with this camera and can watch every moment of the camera.

ALFAWISE N816 Smart Home Security Camera

Night vision-

This N816 smart home security camera provides you clear shoot or protects at night. Camera built with 6 LED lights which gives clearance of the video at night. The infrared distance of the camera is 8-15 meters. Night vision also alarm when camera captures any abnormal moment. AI algorithm can recognize human shape distinguish intruders from wind-blown curtains to avoid false alarm. Night vision captures easily in dark and shows clear video after captures.

ALFAWISE N816 Smart Home Security Camera-

Camera provides 1080 x 720 pixel resolution and 110 degree wide angle. Also camera contains dual motor which gives 355 degree horizontal view and 90 degree vertical view. From all sides camera keep safe your house and also keep safe your family. The camera captures clear and sharp pictures. Camera equipped with 2MP and gives AVI video format. This contains NTSC and PAL video standards. The image sensor of the camera is 1 / 3.2 inch CMOS. The frame rate of the camera is 1080@25fp. The camera can roll like an eye which automatically keeps the lens fixed on the pre-set target and instant push alarms to the APP.

APP control-

This camera controls with APP system so you can control the camera from your smart phone. With the APP you can record, take images and can watch live status in your phone screen. Also you can check your home status when you are not in home. APP is iCsee with you can control easily. You can control the camera from anywhere through APP and can watch shoot video in your smart phone. Also you can watch previous video through APP. Through APP system camera alerts you when any person stays at the front of your home.

ALFAWISE N816 Smart Home Security Camera


Camera built with 128G SD card storage which is best to store the previous shoot video for long time. This large storage capacity prefers great experience to you. N816 camera integrated with H.265 encoding format with you can save more storage space and ensure the image quality. Storage is the best thing when you any doubt so you can watch previous video and can freely move forward.

Package content-

In the package company gives you 1 x IP camera, 1 x Power cable, 1 x bag of screws and for more knowledge in the package there is English manual so you can read this manual when you face any problem regard camera features.


The new ALFAWISE N816 Smart Home Security Camera is now available for purchase. You can buy the product at the very low cost of $30.99 from gearbest.

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