BenQ Laser TV i960L With Stunning Features Coming Soon

In China’s laser TV market, in the first half of 2019, there was sold over 87,000 units. So we can say more and more users are starting to buy laser TV. As an old-fashioned projector manufacturer, BenQ has 20 years of research and sales experience in the projectors niche. It is one of the earliest manufacturers involved in laser TV manufacturing.  As for today, we are recommending a product, namely the BenQ Laser TV i960L. In fact, it’s not released yet but will hit the market soon.

BenQ laser TV i960L

The new product has a distinctive shape and is equipped with a ‘panoramic skylight’. When turned off, the electric sliding door is closed to protect the optical lens. When it is turned on, the sliding door opens smoothly, and it can project a 100-inch screen. The front side of the BenQ Laser TV i960L is made of textile material, and the sliding door is made from metal. There is a power button on the top of the body.

In addition, the BenQ i960L reaches 3000lm and it is also equipped with an advanced anti-light screen. This projector can effectively take up about 93% of encircling light. So users can be protected from sunlight during the day.

The BenQ laser TV i960L uses diffuse reflection imaging technology. Simply put, the light is reflected by the host to the screen. Compared with the ordinary TV technology that directs the human eye, the light is softer which can reduce eye irritation.

At last, the BenQ Laser TV i960L also supports wireless projection. Thus, it can synchronize the screen of the smartphone on the big screen. The built-in video library integrates resources such as iQiyi, Sohu, and movie network. It has more than 2,000 movie stocks, and has a variety of channels, offering movies, TV series, and variety shows to enrich your entertainment choices.


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