Global TV Shipments in 2019 Third Quarter

WitsView’s latest data shows the global TV shipments reached 54.97 million units in the third quarter of 2019. Overall, compared with the previous quarter, sales were up by 16.8%.  In global TV shipments, Samsung tops the list, and Xiaomi keeps fifth but goes down.

Top 5 Tv Brands

Samsung went from 8.9 million orders to 10.41 million. The increase was 17.0% over the previous quarter. The specific point of view, Samsung  QLED TV shipments for the first time exceeded 500 million large Guan in 2019  and occupied 2. 5%of the market. On the other hand, last year they shipped twice.

Secondly, we find no surprise to LG. With a 25.3% increase this quarter, the manufacturer placed 7.44 million orders, up from 5.94 million in the previous quarter.

TCL shipments are 4.8 million units, growth of 14%, but compared with last year shipments declined slightly by 0. 7 percent.  Since the beginning of 2019, TCL started to export the products to overseas- in North America, Europe, Latin America, and other emerging markets.

Hisense is fourth and recorded the highest percentage increase in the entire list – 48.0% over the previous quarter in Australia, Europe, and Russia and other overseas markets. Since the 19-year third-quarter domestic and international market demand growth, Hisense Company’s TV shipments reached a 3.11 to 4.62 million orders. So, it was closer to TCL and much far from Xiaomi.

Xiaomi (ranked fifth) shipments are 2.75 million units, a decline of 8.3 percent). The market research firm expects shipments will reach 6.54 million units in 2019 fourth quarter. So, compared with the previous quarter the growth will be 19 percent. Nevertheless, by 2019, the total TV shipments will still be a 1 percent decline year-on-year. It is worth to mention that Xiaomi has a thriving TV brand and one of the reasons for its blistering performance is its pricing.

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