Greenmi Aqara Smart Door Lock Exposure: Equipped With Apple MFi Chip

Xiaomi’s ecological chain company Greenmi Lianchuang Official Microelectronics announced that it will bring Aqara’s heavy new product on March 9. It also claimed that “the intelligent age of deep customization is beyond imagination.”

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From the preheating poster, the new product is guessed to be a smart door lock. Its biggest feature is the Apple MFi encryption chip (the second picture has MFi chip on the satellite wing). It will also be the first Greenmi Smart door lock to support the Apple HomeKit platform.

Aqara Smart Door Lock

In addition to fingerprints, passwords, magnetic cards, and other convenient ways to open doors, users can also remotely manage or control using iOS devices such as iPhone and Apple Watch. Even, it can be easily controlled through Siri voice assistant, completely getting rid of traditional mechanical keys.

In terms of appearance, this door lock is more square than the Aqara smart door lock S2. It also places fingerprint recognition on the door handle. So naturally hold the handle and open the door in one step!

Previously, Aqara smart door locks could be intelligently linked with many Aqara devices. For example, the moment the door is unlocked at home, the lights in the house are automatically turned on, the water heater is warming up, the curtains are quietly opened, and so on.

After the new product supports Apple’s HomeKit platform, it will undoubtedly greatly enrich the compatibility of smart home products, we wait and see.


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