Honor Smart Screen Real Photos Leaked, Looks Promising

Just now, the Honor Smart Screen was leaked in real photos. Let’s take a look. According to the source, the Honor TV has a 55-inch 3840 x 2160 resolution HDR screen. Under the hood, it is equipped with the Hongjun 818 chip + independent NPU. There is an AI lifting camera, which also supports YOYO voice assistant. However, the most important feature is the debut of Hongmeng operating system.

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It is said that the Honor Smart Screen is the future of television. Just as the smartphone is the user’s personal center, the Honor TV will become the family’s emotional center, and open the full scene smart experience with ‘smart communication’ as the core. It is not only a home entertainment center but also an information sharing center, a control management center, and a multi-device interaction center. The smart screen will pull the family back to the living room and return to the big screen value of ‘gathering together’.

The Honor Smart Screen sports the Hongjun 818 chip. The official said that the Video Decoder module of Hongjun 818 can support 8K@30Hz video playback and play 8K videos. This is equivalent to playing 4 times 4K video. This decoding capability makes Hongjun 818 faster in 4K decoding. In addition, through the actual test of Honor, the device using the Hongjun 818 chip will only need 1.3 seconds from the time of clicking to the start of playback when the H.265 encoded 4K video is turned on, while other products require almost twice as long. According to Zhao Ming, there is no advertising for this smart screen, and there will be no ads in the future as well.


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