Honor Smart Screen Tested By Regular Users, Showing Astonishing Experience

Today, Honor invited many users to experience their new creation the Honor Smart Screen. This is the world’s first TV in its type. So it’s quite interesting to learn about thoughts coming our way after the real experience.

As you can see in the photo, the picture in the smartphone can be projected onto the big screen behind it. If nothing unexpected, this big screen is the Honor’s Smart Screen itself. Although the function of the smartphone projection is already commonplace, the Honor Smart Screen is promised to bring a new experience.

In the next photo, we see the Honor phone is connected by a device that is close to the shape of remote control. Previously, the Honor MagicBook notebook came with the Huawei Share function. So there is every reason to think we are dealing with an identical function. Thus, with a single touch, we can share the photos, videos, and other content to the larger screen. However, it’s still unclear whether for this goal we should use the device that looks like the remote control. If yes, it should make complicated the overall process.

It is worth mentioning that the company has officially pre-heated the ‘screen world’ function. We guess, through NFC and other technologies, the Honor Smart Screen will achieve a seamless connection between tablets, smartphone, and others.

In the picture above, one of the users is making a gesture of pinching, which seems to imply that this TV is very thin.

According to the previous rumors, there will be two versions of the upcoming Honor Smart Screen, which are 55-inch and 55-inch Pro versions. Both versions are equipped with the Hongjun 818 smart chip, built-in Huawei AI quality engine, and 7-color quality optimization algorithm, dynamic image quality compensation, high dynamic range imaging, super-division algorithm, noise reduction algorithm, dynamic contrast enhancement, intelligent precision color correction, and partition control light control.

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The Honor’s Smart Screen also uses a lifting AI camera. Due to the HiSilicon NPU chip capabilities, it supports powerful video communication.

The company has announced the Honor Smart Screen be officially released on August 10.


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