Honor TV May Combine Functions of TV, Smartphone, and Camera

At today’s Huawei ‘2018 Sustainability Report’ conference, Huawei chairman Liang Hua talked about Hongmeng system. This is the operating system developed for the Internet of Things. Thus, we shouldn’t take it as an OS made for Huawei smartphones. As you know, because of the US ban on Huawei, the latter has begun developing its own OS to replace Android. Earlier, it was reported that the smart large-screen equipment that Honor will launch soon will be equipped with Hongmeng system. In other words, the assumed upcoming Honor TV will run on Huawei’s new operating system.

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At the event, in response to the question referring to Honor’s possible entry into the TV market, Huawei chairman said: ‘Huawei will not do traditional TV, but will provide more in the smart life.’ Simply put, Huawei/Honor TV is not coming to fight in the traditional TV niche. We know, with the launch of 5G, Huawei has further-going plans concerning IoT. Thus, apart from the 5G equipment and smartphones, it is going to launch a number of smart home appliances and the likes that will be interconnected through 5G connectivity. The forthcoming Honor TV and its own Huawei TV will be part of this system.

This morning, Honor submitted several TV-related trademark applications. This means that Huawei’s first TV products will be handed over to Honor, and it will happen on July 15.

According to the existing news, these trademark applications are related to television. They are “Honor Wisdom Screen”, “Honor Wisdom Screen”, “Honor Vision”. From the names, we can roughly see that the first TV product of Honor is not a TV in the traditional sense. It may integrate some functions of the camera, smartphone, and TV. So the Honor TV won’t be only used to play programs.

The registration dates of these trademarks are different, which means that Honor has not yet finalized the name of the product.


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