Huawei smart screen V65

Huawei smart screen V65 re-exposure: Star Black, BOE

Huawei smart screen V65 packaging exposure. In the afternoon, digital blogger @Ark 咔嚓 exposure more Huawei smart screen V65 information. Among them: Huawei Smart Screen V65 is certified by TÜV Rheinland Low Blu-ray, supports Bluetooth, supports Dolby Atmos, product model HEGE560. Manufacturer is Hefei BOE Video Technology Co., Ltd., color matching star black.

Previously, Yu Chengdong said, “Huawei smart screen will have three sizes, 55-inch, 65-inch and 75-inch”. Before the news broke, Huawei’s smart screen will be equipped with self-developed smart chips. The official said that it will allow interaction, audio and video, and connection. Fully intelligent; in addition, the HiAI engine used by Huawei’s smart screen covers more than 40 capabilities in 8 major business areas. Smart terminal voice, natural language processing, face, human body, image, video, OCR and user portrait. At the same time Huawei The smart screen will be equipped with AI technology such as voice and vision, which can become a home smart assistant. At the same time, based on Huawei’s sensing functions such as human body perception and light sensing. Huawei Smart Screen V65 can achieve more accurate message push; Huawei Smart Screen will also integrate Huawei video, Huawei music, cool music, Aurora TV and other sound and video content. Give users a better audio and video entertainment experience.

Huawei smart screen V65

The following is the photo of Huawei Smart Screen packaged by @Ark咔嚓:

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