Lumi Aqara Automatic Smart Lock H100 Released: 6 Unlocking Methods

Xiaomi’s ecological chain company Lumi Lianchuang released the Aqara fully automatic smart lock H100. It features a wide-angle smart cat’s eye camera, also supports fingerprints, passwords, temporary passwords, HomeKit, keys, NFC cards, etc. There are multiple unlocking methods and more than 20 linkage conditions. So, you can link and coordinate with other smart devices in the home. The price is 2999 yuan ($461).

The Aqara automatic smart lock H100 adopts a fully automatic lock body. Thus, it can automatically lock and unlock. When opening the door, you only need to press the fingerprint to unlock it. Then, it will automatically lock when you leave home.

The H100 door lock adopts an in-line C-level lock cylinder. Moreover, the lock body has full-state detection capability. The lock body, bolt, locking, and anti-locking conditions are monitored through sensors. In addition, the safety factor of the fully automatic door lock improved.

6 unlocking methods

The Lumi Aqara H100 door lock has 6 unlocking methods including fingerprint, password, temporary password, HomeKit, key, and NFC card. Among them, fingerprint recognition uses 3D semiconductor fingerprint recognition technology. That technology is highly accurate and fast. The fingerprint recognition module area is up to 192*192dpi. And the material is of sapphire fingerprint cover, which is more durable.

In addition, the smart cat eye of Aqara H100 comes with a wide-angle, 1080p high-resolution camera. So, it can detect a larger range more clearly. When someone is staying at the door, it can take the initiative to take pictures. Aqara Smart Maoyan will transmit the video to the smartphone and provide long-term free 7-day cloud video storage. Users can remotely confirm the identity of the visitor through the Smart Maoyan video call.

It is also worth mentioning that the Aqara H100 interconnects through the Zigbee protocol and has more than 20 linkage conditions. Through linkage and cooperation with other smart devices in the home, it can automatically complete the indoor lighting and socket turn off, the indoor camera turns on. Users can grasp the travel status of their family members in real-time through the door lock log of the App. According to different fingerprints, different scene modes can be preset when different users open the door.

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