Mijia Capsule Coffee Machine Went On Crowdfunding

Today, Xiaomi Mall announced that the Mijia capsule coffee machine will start crowdfunding in Xiaomi Mall at 10:00 on July 8. The crowdfunding price is 349 yuan ($50) and the retail price is 399 yuan ($57). There is not much information yet. But what we can grab from the crowdfunding page is introduced below.

Mijia capsule coffee machine

The Mijia capsule coffee machine has been made to simplify the coffee-making operation, providing one-click drinking good coffee. It uses a 20Bar electromagnetic pump, with 600ml detachable water tank and 40ml/110ml two cup volume modes are optional. There are also two independent buttons making the interaction with the machine easier. The size is 320×85×213mm. It supports Xiaomi’s customized selection of capsule coffee and give 20 coffee capsules.

This is the first coffee machine by Xiaomi. But this is far not the first kitchen product. Say, one of the latest products from this category was the Mijia Constant Temperature Electric Kettle Pro. It is already available for purchase.

Mijia capsule coffee machine

As an upgraded version of the Mijia thermostatic electric kettle, the biggest highlight of the new product is that it comes with a screen to display the water temperature in real time. The Mijia Constant Temperature Electric Kettle Pro supports intelligent water temperature control. It provides 40/50/70/80/90 five kinds of temperature adjustment. Plus, there is a one-key quick switching. And it supports up to 12 hours of accurate constant temperature. At the same time, the manufacturer has added thyristor components. When the water temperature is lower than the heat preservation temperature, it will turn on the small power to increase the temperature to achieve a light sound heat preservation effect. You won’t be awakened by sudden heating noise when you sleep.


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