Mijia DC inverter tower fan out of box tour

On May 15, the Mijia DC inverter tower fan was launched on the Xiaomi mall for a crowdfunding price of 299 yuan. This is also the first tower fan released by Xiaomi. However, its retail price at the Xiaomi official website is 349 yuan and will be officially launched on May 18. Now, we bring you the out of box tour of this amazing product.

Compared with the floor fan, the tower fan has a three-dimensional wide-angle air supply. It is more space-saving. At the same time, the tower fan has a relatively low center of gravity, no blades, and a fine grille to avoid accidental injury to children, and it is also safer.

We found that the Mijia DC inverter tower fans maintain the consistent design style of Mijia products. The shell injection parts are all made of anti-ultraviolet ABS material. The Mijia DC inverter tower fan uses a high-performance DC inverter brushless fan, with a self-developed random algorithm to simulate natural wind.

In addition, the DC inverter fan also makes Mijia DC inverter tower fan more quiet and energy-saving. The noise is as low as 34.68dB (A). The maximum air output of this inverter tower fan reaches 541 cubic meters per hour. It also supports a 150-degree super wide-angle three-dimensional air supply.

The Mijia DC frequency conversion tower fan supports intelligent control, Xiaoai speaker voice control, and can be linked with a large number of smart home products of Xiaomi Mijia. So it can realize the delicate speed adjustment of 100 blocks of Mijia app.

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