Mijia Electronic Thermometer Went On Sale At 69 yuan ($10)

On March 3, the Mijia Electronic Thermometer went on sale again. It is focusing on fast and accurate temperature measurement. The temperature measurement accuracy can reach ± ​​0.05 degrees Celsius, and the price is only 69 yuan ($10).

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The Mijia Electronic Thermometer supports two temperature measurement modes. The 30-second speed measurement allows you to quickly obtain the temperature value. After the rapid temperature measurement is completed, do not remove the thermometer. Continue to measure the temperature for about 5 minutes until the buzzer issues a reminder again.

This thermometer is equipped with an LCD display and designed with backlight function, which can easily read the temperature value even at night.

The Mijia electronic thermometer supports Bluetooth 4.2. After connecting to the Mijia app, the temperature measurement progress and temperature values ​​can be displayed in real time. When the body temperature reaches or exceeds a specific temperature, the background of the Mijia electronic thermometer plug-in will automatically change color to remind high temperature.

Mijia Electronic Thermometer

In the Mijia app, you can add 9 family members. You can choose which family member to take the temperature by turning on the temperature timer. You can intuitively display the family’s temperature records through the temperature curve in the app to establish a temperature history file for the family.

In terms of measurement accuracy, the Mijia electronic thermometer uses a high-precision NTC temperature sensor. As said, the measurement accuracy can reach ± ​​0.05 degrees Celsius in the common range of 35-39 degrees Celsius.

It is worth mentioning that the Mijia electronic thermometer uses a unique smart storage box design. The thermometer will automatically turn on when it is unplugged. After the temperature measurement is completed, the thermometer box will be automatically turned off.


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