Mijia Fresh Air Blower C1 Released At 999 yuan ($144)

Today, Xiaomi launched a new home product – the Mijia Fresh Air Blower C1. It is specially designed for small houses. So it’s logical to see a small body and a large air volume. It’s quite convenient for quick installation. The price is 999 yuan ($144).

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The Mijia Fresh Air Blower C1 has an exquisite and compact body. It’s only 13cm, and the aperture is only 75mm. The installation only requires four screws. The wall area is only 0.16 square meters.

Mijia Fresh Air Blower C1

It has a pure air volume of 80m³/h. The applicable area is less than 28.6 square meters, and the 25-flat master bedroom can change air once an hour.

Multiple filters purify the air entering the room to increase the indoor air pressure to form a slightly positive pressure. The air circulation continuously dilutes harmful gases such as formaldehyde, PM2.5, and carbon dioxide in the room, and discharges them through the room gaps instead of opening windows for ventilation.

The Mijia Fresh Air Blower C1 has a three-layer filter design. The primary effect filter is detachable. So it’s easy to wash. Also, it prevents mosquitoes and catkins from entering inside. The one-piece integrated medium/high efficiency filter can effectively filter PM2.5 and inhalable particles. It is easy to replace, and it can be taken out with a gentle pull.

There is also a double centrifugal fan design, providing a powerful air supply, which is more energy saving and electricity saving. 1 gear’s continuous operation is 24 hours. It only consumes 0.12 kWh of electricity.

Users can also remotely set daily use scenarios through the Mijia app. It supports voice control through Xiao Ai. And it can also be linked with other Mijia smart home appliances.

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