Mijia Handheld Ironing Machine Announced At 99 Yuan ($14)

On the morning of May 6, the Mijia handheld ironing machine was out in the Xiaomi mall. You can participate in the crowdfunding in the Xiaomi mall app and Xiaomi Lite applet. The crowdfunding price is only 99 yuan ($14), and the future retail price is 129 yuan ($18).

Mijia handheld ironing machine

The Mijia ironing machine is Xiaomi’s first ironing product. The appearance inherits the white minimalist design style of Mijia products and adopts the water tank separation design.

The head of the ironing machine adopts an aluminum die-casting panel with good thermal conductivity and micro-supercharging technology. It can exhale 20kPa of 120 ° C high-temperature steam. 30 seconds are enough to heat up, and achieve 99.9% sterilization and mite removal.

Though it is based on a 1200W high power, when fast ironing, it can avoid damage to clothing caused by high temperature.

Under the multiple effects of pressurized steam and high-temperature panels, high temperatures are effectively sterilized from the outside. According to professional laboratory data, the sterilization effect on Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli and Candida albicans reached 99.9% in only 1 minute.

Mijia handheld ironing machine

The weight of the Mijia handheld ironing machine is 780 grams (in the state of an empty water tank). The Mijia handheld ironing machine comes with a 160mL detachable water tank. And it adopts a stereo design with a 5 ° inclined body and desktop. This is enough to iron 6 shirts at a time.


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