Mijia Handy Vacuum Cleaner

Mijia Handy Vacuum Cleaner Went On Crowdfunding At 199 yuan ($28)

The Mijia Handy Vacuum Cleaner will officially start crowdfunding in Xiaomi Mall on July 29. The retail price is 249 yuan ($36), and the crowdfunding price is only 199 yuan ($28)!

This morning, Xiaomi Smart Life official Weibo page released a warm-up poster. We can see that the Mijia Handy Vacuum Cleaner is very compact, only a little longer than the insulation. It weighs only 500g, and the dust collection cup lid can automatically pop up with one click.

Although it is small in size, it has excellent performance. The Mijia Handy Vacuum Cleaner comes with a powerful brushless motor. It supports 88,000 revolutions per minute, and provides 13000Pa surging suction power. So fine dust has nowhere to hide. It is also has a fast start-stop function to avoid dust leakage when shutting down.

In terms of endurance, in the low gear mode can last up to 30 minutes, and in the high gear mode, it can last up to 9 minutes.

It also provides a combination of multiple suction heads, which can absorb the gaps in the sofa, the corners of the bookshelves, and the seats in the car to meet different vacuuming needs.

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Previously, Xiaomi also launched the Mijia handheld wireless vacuum cleaner. It uses a 9-cone cyclone tornado design and has a 100,000-rpm high-speed brushless DC inverter motor. In the end, the total amount of crowdfunding was 41.12 million yuan ($5.88 million), setting the highest record in the history of Xiaomi crowdfunding.

The new Mijia Handy Vacuum Cleaner has more flexible usage scenarios, and the price is only 199 yuan, which is expected to become another explosive product in Xiaomi Mall.

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