Mijia Internet Dishwasher Review: Easy installation And More

Recently, Xiaomi Mijia has officially entered the dishwasher market. The new Mijia Internet dishwasher has been launched, offering 8 sets of built-in and 4 countertop models. Prior to this, Xiaomi has successively launched rice cookers and Mijia induction cookers, Mijia Internet smoke stove set, and Mijia refrigerator and many other new kitchen appliances that are very popular among young users.

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The biggest feature of this product is that it is free of installation, can be dried and disinfected, and the claimed sterilization rate is 99.99%. So how does this product perform?

Installation: simple and convenient

The Mijia Internet Dishwasher also inherits the consistent simple design style of Mijia products. It adopts a simple white appearance, intimate arc design, rounded and beautiful to prevent bumps. However, the overall shape is square. The inner cavity is wider and can be versatile to various kitchen environments.

Mijia Internet Dishwasher

The Mijia Internet Dishwasher 4 sets of countertops use top tilt touch panel. It makes easy to check the status, and it’s quite convenient for operating without bending down. The company claims that they can wash 4 sets of standard tableware at a time, that is, 32 pieces of tableware.

Mijia Internet Dishwasher

The operation method is also very simple. The dishwasher can be turned on / off by touching the touch panel. The six modes can be quickly used to operate, and the interactive logic is simple and easy to use.

Mijia Internet Dishwasher

The interior uses a double-layer design, and the lower basket has slide rails and rollers. It is relatively easy to pull in and pull out. After the dishwasher door is fully extended, the bottom layer of the basket can be completely pulled out.

Mijia Internet Dishwasher

The left side of the bottom carries a soft water salt port. And there is also a filter on the right side for filtering food debris. You can take out the whole piece with a slight counterclockwise rotation.

Compared with the kitchen-style dishwasher, the advantage of the countertop type is that it is very convenient to install. There is no need to plan the position of the kitchen dishwasher in advance and design the water channel in advance. One inlet pipe and one outlet pipe are what you need.

Mijia Internet Dishwasher

It is randomly equipped with a patented three-way valve, with a variety of different sizes and shapes of adapters (6 types), suitable for a variety of faucets, can be installed directly on the home tap, without affecting the use of daily tap water. Just place the mouth directly in the sink.

In short, as long as your kitchen is not outrageous, the 4 countertops of Mijia Internet Dishwasher can be installed smoothly. If it is transparent, you can watch the washing process.

User experience: cleaning in place but taking too long

The Mijia Internet Dishwasher 4 sets of countertop capacity can basically meet the use of a family of three members. The official Mijia data is that it can wash 4 sets of standard tableware, i.e. 32 pieces of tableware at a time.

Mijia Internet Dishwasher

From the practical experience, basically it is possible to put 4 medium dishes, 1 noodle bowl, 4 rice bowls, and then squeeze and put two cups. It is enough for a family of three.

The Mijia dishwasher has standard washing, quick washing, strong washing, energy-saving washing, glass washing, disinfection washing – 6 modes for everyone to choose. So it can meet the needs of various situations. On this basis, there are also the ability to reserve washing time, switch child lock, voice control, etc., the function is quite complete, the operation will be as simple as other Mijia equipment, and it is very simple to get started.

Mijia Internet Dishwasher
Before washing
Mijia Internet Dishwasher
After cleaning

The tableware we tested was relatively greasy. We chose the standard washing mode. Under high temperature washing at 75℃, the tableware can be basically cleaned.

Mijia Internet Dishwasher

After washing, it can also use the double consumption of low waste heat + fan blower to dry the tableware. It will keep the tableware dry and reduce the growth of bacteria. It also has a built-in high-quality fan, which can actively replace fresh air.

In addition, even if the tableware is not placed in a special standard, it can be washed very cleanly, because the 4 sets of Mijia Internet Dishwasher adopts the top spray + bottom spray double spray arm design. The 16 rinse ports spray simultaneously. Rotate, wash in up, down, left and right, front and back directions without dead angle. With 11000Pa water pressure, it will clean everything.

In general, the cleaning ability of the Mijia dishwasher does not need to worry at all. And the capacity is also large enough. Basically there will be no problems that need to be cleaned in stages. It is worth reminding that when you put tableware, remember to pour large kitchen waste such as bones into the trash can first, and put it directly into the dishwasher to easily affect the cleaning quality.

However, it is necessary to vomit, whether it is standard washing or energy-saving washing, the time is 2 hours, which is slightly longer. The quick washing is 30 minutes. But it doesn’t dry. If the daily tableware is not particularly greasy, we recommend using quick washing.

Like most Mijia appliances, you can control the Mijia dishwasher in two ways. One is to directly use the buttons on the machine, and the other is to use the Mijia app. The former is simple and direct, while the latter has more complete functions.

In the Mijia app, you can also select the washing mode. At the same time, the app reminds the user to put in the dishwashing salt, and various parameters can also be customized. After officially starting the dishwashing, you can know the progress of dishwashing at any time on the App side of the phone. In terms of environmental protection, the App side has specially designed a water and electricity query. We should note that we can see the energy saving effect only after a long time of accumulation.

Verdict: easy installation and simple operation

For dishwashers, many people can provide different opinions. Some say it works, and some say it doesn’t work at all. As far as the 4 countertops of Mijia Internet Dishwasher are concerned, the operation is simple and the function is practical. Many ordinary families can afford the price of 999 yuan. There is no need to worry about installation. If your home does not reserve a suitable built-in cabinet for the dishwasher during the decoration, this countertop design dishwasher is also a good choice.

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