Mijia Internet Heat Pump Dryer Officially Released

On August 3, the Mijia Internet heat pump dryer was officially released. The price is 3999 yuan ($573). During the pre-sale period (August 3rd 00:00-5th 23:59), you can get it for only 3499 yuan ($502).

The Mijia Internet heat pump dryer can dry up to 10kg of clothes at a time. So you can put clothes of the whole family at one time. It supports heat pump drying technology. So it can can restore the fluffy and soft texture of clothes. Also, it supports intelligent operation, which is highly energy-efficient.

Mijia Internet heat pump dryer

Apart from this, the Mijia Internet heat pump dryer supports a 35-minute fast drying function. It can remove bacteria and mites while drying the clothes, with a bacteria removal rate of 99%. Even in environments such as haze and rainy season, users can use it to dry clothes without being restricted by the drying environment.

This clothes dryer supports 22 drying modes. Thus, it comprehensively and accurately cares for different clothes. It also has 4 clothes protection functions: stop drying, even drying (positive and negative), and three-level drying degree. Due to the mirror inner tube, drying clothes is done more thoroughly.

It provides 2 drainage modes. In addition to the external water outlet pipe, it also has a built-in large-capacity water storage box to store water. It can be installed and used at will even in the living room and balcony without water.

As you see, Mijia has begun paying more attention to such products. Previously, it has launched a few washing and drying machines. And they all have been welcomed quite well.

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