Mijia LED Bulb Mesh Version Went On Sale At 29.99 Yuan ($4.3)

The Mijia LED bulb (Mijia LED downlight Bluetooth MESH version) is here! It’s on sale on Xiaomi Mall, Xiaomi Youpin, and Tmall, starting from 29.9 yuan ($4.3) for bulbs and 39.9 yuan ($5.75) for downlights. Buying 10 units, you will be also given a Redmi Xiaoai Speaker Play.

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Both products need to be used with devices that support the Bluetooth MESH gateway function, which does not occupy broadband and is stable and does not drop.


The main color temperature and brightness of the Mijia LED bulbs are freely adjustable. The power consumption is 5W, the brightness is 500lm, and the color temperature can be adjusted between 2700-6500K. At the same time, the Mijia app can also group multiple Mijia LED light bulbs, such as the main bedroom light bulb group, the second bedroom light bulb group, the children’s room light bulb group, the living room light bulb group, etc. So, it will provide a group control and a real-time lighting status synchronization.

The Mijia LED bulbs support Xiaoai Voice SmartControl. In a word, multiple lights can be quickly networked. You can also set the timer switch, delayed light off and other functions through the Mijia app. We can say that you can control it via both smartphones and voice. So, there is no need to get out of bed and turn off the lights.

The downlight opening size is 70-80mm in diameter, which is suitable for more families, eliminating the trouble of secondary reaming and easier installation. After the Xiaoai speaker device supporting the Bluetooth MESH gateway function is connected to the Mijia app, you only need to say a word to it to connect multiple downlights to the network at the same time. It not only supports voice dimming but also provides other settings such as time switch, delay switch off, etc. through the Mijia app.

List of Bluetooth MESH gateway devices currently available:

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