Mijia Night Light 2 Released: Dual Sensor / Automatically Bright

This morning, Xiaomi Mijia Night Light 2, Mi Jia night light 2, August 28 opened crowdfunding, 49 yuan one, 99 yuan three.

According to reports, Mijia night light 2 built-in dual sensor. 120 ° wide range of sensing, can automatically light up in the dark.

Mijia released the first-generation induction night light in 2017. Using the human body infrared sensor technology and photosensitive sensing technology. Which can be automatically turns on in the dark. The front sensing distance is 5-7 meters, and the detection is not When it is in the human body. It will automatically turn off after 15 seconds. The Xiaomi Night Light 2 uses a fish scale total reflection structure + Fresnel ultra-thin lens.This provides more comfortable light effects in the dark, and no video flashing. After two years, Mijia launched a second generation of nightlights, and interested interested partners can pay attention to it.

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