Mijia Night Light 2 Went On Crowdfunding, at 49 Yuan

When I wake up at night, often I can’t to turn on the lights and feel inconvenient. Turning on the lights will make my family members wake up. But if there is a night light, it is very convenient. The brightness will be enough to see the ‘road’ and it will not affect sleep of others. Such products don’t cost much. And we can attach them anywhere we want. In other words, such small things can bring happiness. Today, Xiaomi announced the Mijia Night Light 2. It will go live on crowdfunding at 10:00 on August 28, with a crowdfunding price of 99 yuan/3 and a retail price of 49 yuan/piece.

Mijia Night Light 2

According to the preheating poster, the Mijia Night Light 2 is designed with a magnetic structure, which can be used with any release. At the same time, there is a built-in dual sensor with a 120° wide-range of sensing. So when anything moves in the dark, it will light up.

The first generation of Mijia induction night light was released in July 2017. It uses the human body infrared sensor technology and photosensitive sensing technology. These help the Mijia Night Light automatically turn on in the dark. The front sensing distance is 5-7 meters. And when there is no detection of movement, it will automatically turn off after 15 seconds. The Mijia induction night light uses a fish scale total reflection structure + Fresnel ultra-thin lens to provide more comfortable light effects in the dark.

After two years, Xiaomi launched the second generation of the Mijia Night Light 2. The price of the first generation was 49 yuan. Thus, though there are a few improvements, the price of the second generation Mijia night light remains unchanged.


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