Mijia Plug-in Board Fast Charging Version 27W

Mijia Plug-in Board Fast Charging Version 27W Launched

On April 20, the Mijia plug-in board fast charging version 27W was launched on the Xiaomi mall crowdfunding. It will be opened at 10 o’clock in the morning on April 22. The crowdfunding will start at 69 yuan ($10) and the future retail price will be 79 yuan ($11).

The Mijia plug-in board fast charging version 27W provides three USB jacks and supports QC3.0 fast charging. The USB-A single-port output power can reach 27W maximum, while the multi-port output power can reach 21W maximum. So it can be used for smartphones as well as charge common devices such as tablets and smartwatches.

Mijia Plug-in Board Fast Charging Version 27W

The USB interface supports the Xiaomi Mi 10 / 10Pro, the Xiaomi Mi 9, the Huawei Mate 20 / P20 series and above models, the iPhone 8 / iPhone X series and above phones and other fast charging handsets. But they should have a built-in smart charging chip. The output power will be intelligently matched according to different models, up to 27W.

The Mijia plug-in board quick charge version 27W also provides 3 new jacks, supporting 10A overload protection. If the electrical load exceeds the standard, the power will be automatically cut off, effectively avoiding the dangers caused by overload short circuit and accidental fire. After troubleshooting, press the switch to resume normal use.

The internal copper strip adopts a higher-security one-piece non-breakpoint connection technology and high-quality tin-phosphor bronze structural materials.

It is worth mentioning that each group of jacks is equipped with an independent safety door. They activate self-locking protection when foreign objects are inserted to ensure the safety of electricity use.


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